Wait…. Whaaaaaaaat??? That’s How Many Books?

I was thinking about how many books I am currently working on publishing or have just published. I thought it was five books. Which I also thought was slightly insane. But then I realized it’s not five books, it’s six. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Karaoke: Published last month
  2. Encore: Published yesterday
  3. moon lost her memory: With an editor
  4. Into Love & Out Again: With a proofreader
  5. Following Polaris: Currently writing
  6. The Christmas Duke: Currently writing

Although, I have to say, it’s not as if I penned all these books this year. I wrote three books in 2020, mostly during lockdown, and then just didn’t do anything with them until now. So Karaoke, Encore, and moon lost her memory are all from 2020, technically.

However, having them all come out while I’m in a creative spurt is kind of weird. Because look at this:

Booked published by year:

2019: One
2020: Zero
2021: One
2022: Four (???????)

Well, you know what they say about life and writing.

Shit gets weird