The Vault

Because I tend to write a lot, I often end up with projects that just don’t go anywhere. Sometimes I lose interest, sometimes they’re experiments more than anything, sometimes who knows what happens? I’m just on to something else!

The Vault gives these works a second chance. Please read and enjoy.

Love Story

Written around 2017
8 pages

I wrote this short poem around 2017. I wanted to experiment more with visual poetry but when the project was finished, I ended up abandoning it.

Decoupage Daydreams

Written around 2017
67 pages

This book was written to submit to publishers. I started off small by submitting to two poetry presses. One I got a generic rejection letter from, the other didn’t respond at all. I ended up moving on to other projects without submitting it anywhere else.

Racing Toward Red Lights

Written 2016
20 pages

My first attempt at a visual poetry book. This chapbook was written partly at the Little River Poetry Festival. After penning Wake Me When It’s Over, I realized I hadn’t included any of my feelings about relationships or romance. This companion piece addresses those topics.