Into Love & Out Again! Questions Asked & Answered

As soon as I penned another poem in this book, post original publishing, I felt like I wanted to release an updated version. But at first it would have been too emotionally difficult. Then I realized I was missing some of the poems that should be in the book. Then life got in the way. Then I got distracted by everything else I was doing. Finally, when the dust settled, I realized I wasn’t quite done with this story.

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Know/No Kindness (taken from Karaoke)

Excerpt from Karaoke kindness is weakness kindness is dangerous kindness can get you killed I hear kindness once held up a bank, took three tellers’ hostage,then shot a bystander during the escape kindness signals to the world that you’re soft, tender, delicate,as well as other adjectives that describe perfectly cooked prime rib kindness leads you… Continue reading