Little River Poetry Festival

I help run the digital side of the Little River Poetry Festival, founded in 2016. From posting content on Facebook, to updating the website each year, it’s a fun way to contribute to the festival and help spread the message of peace and poetry.

Star LaBranche – Personal Website

My personal website, which I have run since 2015. It has taken on several purposes throughout the years. But I always make sure it is easy to navigate, fun, and has plenty of information.


Discover Teas: A Community Business

This paper was for one of the core classes of my business bachelor’s degree. I examined a local business and discussed their SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), core competencies, and potential growth. Local business is one area I am passionate about and having the chance to write about this business was enjoyable and educational.

Infectious Diseases and Other Issues

I wrote this paper for an environmental biology class in APA format. Although I never thought of myself as much of a scientist, I greatly enjoyed researching and writing on this topic. It was an excellent opportunity for me to tackle a topic I wasn’t familiar with and produce an exciting paper.

Wake Me When It’s Over: A Chapbook

I wrote this short collection of poetry in 2017 when I was asked to perform at the Little River Poetry Festival. This book is a deeply personal look at the struggles I was dealing with at the time and my uncertainty about the future.

Social Media Videos

I shot and edited this video for social media in order to help promote a dog available for adoption at a local pet rescue.

This video was so much fun! I wanted to make a video focusing on the Yi Xing clay tea set I received as a present. So I got some friends together and we filmed this short clip.