My Copy of Melanie C’s Book Shipped…

This is not a drill

I got the email the other day from Waterstones. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I slapped extra money down on now just a SIGNED COPY, but one from the UK with the original title and cover. And, if you’re wondering, yes, the American one is different.

I picture myself receiving this sacred package, taking the holy book, still wrapped in one of those fancy cardboard shipping pouches, and putting it on a shelf and never touching it again.

… Yes, I know I’m ridiculous

Does it make any sense that this book is so special to me that I don’t even want to read it? Not even from a, if I read it, I will crack the spine, possibly damage it, etc. point of view. This is full, my brain has invented just how amazing this book will be and if I read it and it’s not as amazing, I will never recover.

Even if I do read the book (okay, let’s face it, I WILL read the book), how do I read it? Do I read it all at once and stay up past 2am finishing it? Do I try to do one chapter a day or week just to savor it? Should I just read it like I normally read books (sometimes with large gaps right in the middle)? Should I let the spirit move me and just see how it goes?

One thing I do know…

I am entirely too excited about holding something that Melanie C signed. For me!!