Know/No Kindness (taken from Karaoke)

Excerpt from Karaoke

kindness is weakness kindness is dangerous kindness can get you killed

I hear kindness once held up a bank, took three tellers’ hostage,
then shot a bystander during the escape

kindness signals to the world that you’re soft, tender, delicate,
as well as other adjectives that describe perfectly cooked prime rib

kindness leads you down dark paths in the night and encourages you to think that not everyone you meet is the same shithead you met yesterday

kindness lets you have feelings!

no one needs feelings because we can stuff those down to the bottom of our psyches,
and that has never caused anyone a single problem

kindness lies to you
it says other people matter,
vulnerability is acceptable,
putting a piece of yourself into the world could be more fulfilling
than rejecting society completely

kindness needs to be stopped
kindness needs to be stomped out
kindness needs to be eliminated

if we are ever to achieve peace