Into Love & Out Again! Questions Asked & Answered

Into Love & Out Again is now available on paperback and Kindle! AGAIN! This version is expanded, with two new sections at the end and finally, the true conclusion to this story.

Note: if you previously purchased the Kindle version of this book, it should automatically update in your device.

Let’s answer some burning questions about this book!

What made you want to finish this book after so long?

It felt unfinished. As soon as I penned another poem in this book, post original publishing, I felt like I wanted to release an updated version. But at first it would have been too emotionally difficult. Then I realized I was missing some of the poems that should be in the book. Then life got in the way. Then I got distracted by everything else I was doing. Finally, when the dust settled, I realized I wasn’t quite done with this story.

Recovering the lost poems that disappeared when I reloaded my computer was something that really made me feel like I was doing the right thing. The world has a strange way of working itself out sometimes.

What did you learn while creating a new Kindle and paperback version?

First of all, I learned a great deal about Affinity Publisher, which is the program I was using the layout the paperback version. Just formatting it was so much work. I can’t believe the entire book ended up at over 350 pages! Redoing the Kindle version was far easier. But the good news was, I now know how to create a good Kindle book version, so this version, in addition to being longer, is also easier to read.

What do you want people to learn from your book?

As my buddy Yogurt told me in 2015, this book is a depiction of what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder. Specifically, undermedicated bipolar disorder. When I did my initial readthrough, I couldn’t believe how fast I was cycling. My ups were fantasy highs, my lows were sorrowful rock bottoms. It’s almost comical how I go from high to low between writing a poem and the two pieces are in stark contrast to each other. And it happens, over and over and over again.

While it’s easy to cast me as some creepy, clingy, failed femme fatale who just doesn’t understand, I was doing the best I could with the circumstances I was presented. Was I doing super, super well with the hand I was dealt? Of course not, the hand was shit, first of all. I want people to see that sometimes a little extra compassion is needed. Because I was trying so hard to do the right thing. I just couldn’t see what the “right thing” was at the time.

What’s next for you?

Medication, talking therapy, and continuing to write with my whole heart. Because truth is when you turn blood to ink.