Into Love and Out Again… Again?

In 2015 I published the book Into Love and Out Again. It was a multi genre memoir about my experiences falling in love with someone who didn’t love me back and slowly realizing that he was actually a complete douchebag and not who he presented himself as. When I published the book, the story wasn’t really over. So there are three more parts to the book that were never published.

I’ve considered going back and publishing the book as a whole. But there are some issues:

  1. The book would have to be completely reformatted as I don’t use the same formatting program that I used to. Which, if this was a short poetry book, would be one thing. But this is not a short book.
  2. The audio book would have to be updated. Audio books can’t be abridged in any way, so if I added three new parts to the book, I would have to record the audio book to match.
  3. I’m not super into digging up the past. Even though I’m definitely finished with what happened back then, and the book feels unfinished because it doesn’t show the entire story, I still emotionally resonate with the person I was back then. The person who wanted love and was so desperate for it, she wouldn’t give up on someone who treated her terribly.
  4. This project would be incredibly time consuming. Quite frankly, I feel like if I’m not 100% on board with it, I’m going even going to start because I’ll just get halfway through, realize I hate all of it, and the entire thing will remain unfinished anyway.

Everytime I talk myself into this, I talk myself right back out of it. However, the 10th anniversary of the book release is coming up in 2025. So maybe if I aim for that completion date I would have enough time to do finish the project without feeling like I have to rush and I can work on the project little by little. So if it does start to frustrate me, I can step back and take a breather.

What’s a writer with too much time on her hands to do?