Author Star LaBranche
Author Star LaBranche, November 2021

Star LaBranche (she/her/hers)

  • Might secretly be a cat
  • Started writing at 12
  • Holds bachelor degrees in English literature and business management
  • Got married during the pandemic
  • Has self-published 7 books of poetry, 1 book of essays, and a multi-genre book
  • Finds Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher distractingly attractive
  • She is neurodivergent and lives with mental illness
  • Earned a certificate in interior decorating and has a love of bold colors
  • Wrote her first romance novel at 13 (which has, thankfully, been lost to time)
  • Live in Suffolk, VA with her husband and three cats
  • Once wrote 52,000 words in one week
  • Loves cooking, baking, and setting a beautiful table
  • Writes about second chances, learning from mistakes, and vulnerability
  • Is a part of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Penned a memoir and three 3 poetry books during 2020
  • Is definitely a cat
  • Meow