All Wrapped Up With a Bow

On a Pinterest perusing for wrapping paper ideas, I came across these images and way more like them:

Usually, black wrapping paper would be furthest from my mind when it comes to Christmas presents. But it’s so chic, so elegant, so delicate, and perfectly executed! Also, wax seals? I love those!

They might be a little difficult to get going with and tedious when you’re doing a ton, but you can’t deny how they up the coolness factor on everything they touch. I wish you could send them through the mail without gumming up the post office machines and having the cards arrive with the seals ripped off, but you can’t have everything.

Christmas 2022 is going to be the year of black wrapping paper with twine and wax seals! And who knows? If I like this look, I might adopt it for future wrappings. Although if I do, I’m not sure what I should do with all of the traditional wrapping paper I already have.

We’ll see!