Project Management Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation was part of my Capstone project. I covered the topic of wedding planning from a project management perspective. This assignment was very enjoyable as it made me think about a different sort of work from a business person’s perspective.

Research Paper on Zika

I have always been a fan of science, but never thought of myself as a “science person.” Writing this paper for Environmental Biology class gave me an opportunity to put on a different hat and think critically about a problem that is impacting people all over the world. Tackling a new topic was invigorating and exciting. I was very proud of this assignment after I finished.

Research Paper on a Local Business

Business classes often deal with global business and large corporations. When given the chance, I was excited to write about a small, local business that I was a patron of. Researching and writing about the company was compelling and fun. When I finished this assignment I was able to show it to one of the co-owners of the business and discuss their business model with them.

Wake Me When It’s Over, A Chapbook

When I was asked to read at the Little River Poetry Festival in 2017, I knew I had to bring something special. After some careful consideration, I decided to write a new chapbook to present during the reading. The finished chapbook was a glimpse into my thoughts as I started on a new chapter in my life.