Star LaBranche was born on a Thursday, just before dinner time. A versatile writer, she has been employed by a university, poetry festival, and news channel (all at the same time, at one point). Able to adapt to different voices, audiences, and writing styles, she holds both a bachelor’s in English literature and a bachelor’s in business management.

With a touch of marketing and a dash of her bubbly personality, Star prides herself on hard work, attention to detail, and learning everything she can to succeed for a client. She enjoys researching and can confidently write on a variety of diverse topics. These include, event etiquette and planning, pet care, mental health awareness and advocacy, women’s issues, interior design, organization, and much more.

She offers the following services on a per project basis:

  • Blog writing
  • Social media scheduling and maintenance
  • WordPress customization and maintenance
  • Digital content writing
  • Social media video shooting/editing
  • Research