Tea on Film: Wu Wo Tea Ceremony at Discover Teas

Tea on Film: Wu Wo Tea Ceremony at Discover Teas

Oct 19, 2016

The decision to produce a video about the Discover Teas Wu Wo Tea Ceremony was a natural one. After attending the previous year I was familiar with the beauty, the peace, and the connectedness of the ceremony and the atmosphere at the tea shop during this special time. When it came to capturing it on film, I knew I was taking on a large task.

This was an important ceremony, filled with different people, each one with their own story (and their own tea). My goal was to let the narratives already present at this ceremony shine through and capture the love and care that goes into the Wu Wo tea ceremony.

When I started editing the videos I realized I had enough footage, and enough material, for not one video, but several. Here is what I came up with. I hope my videos truly show every viewer the elegance, the harmony, and the dedication to tea that goes into the Wu Wo Tea Ceremony.
I hope to see you at Wu Wo next year.

Introduction to Wu Wo

In this video, Discover Teas employees, Chris, Kenneth, Mai-Anh, and Emily, discuss what the Wu Wo ceremony is, their past experiences with it, and why it’s such a good fit for Discover Teas.

Wu Wo Wishes

“When you love, there’s more love in the world.” -Chris Farishon
Set to the backdrop of Chris’s introduction and speech before the ceremony takes place, this video shows each part of the ceremony, from steeping to sharing.

Puerh Steven

One very special guest everyone was looking forwarding to seeing was Steven, a puerh enthusiast and all around devoted tea lover. In this video, Steven talks about his style of tea brewing, and his thoughts on the Wu Wo ceremony. He also discusses the fascinating, powdered tea, Japanese Izu Matcha.

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