Header Video. Button Poetry. “Melissa Lozada-Oliva – “Like Totally Whatever” (NPS 2015)”. Online Video Clip. YouTube. August 19, 2015. Web. February 15, 2016. I was super excited to see that I was assigned the section, “Math, the “Poetry Slam,” and Mathemagicians: Tracing Trajectories of Practice and Person“. Although, sadly, it contained no actual poetry slam. There’s […]

Header image: CB w/L, T and Pickles (The Cheeseburger, curly fries, plate, coke, with ice and straw). 2002-2012. Blown and Assembled glass. John Miller. American, b. 1966. Photo take by Star LaBranche. Chrysler Museum’s Ever Changing Genres – Case Study #1 The Chrysler Museum of Art is a complex example of how genres come together and interact within the visual arts. […]