Hello, undergrads! If you’re still undecided about your podcast, allow me to share with you my ideas for an awesome and fun project which will lead to not only a great grade, but personal satisfaction, new experiences, and a better appreciation for the arts. What is the Chrysler Museum of Art? The Chrysler Museum is an art museum […]

DreamScapes, a short story written by Star LaBranche

Aisling Callahan weaved her way through the crowd of undergraduates, ignoring the girl she bumped into who announced an indignant, “Hey!” Bleary-eyed, Aisling pulled out a chair in the university’s library cafe and sank into it. Her backpack fell to the floor and for a few seconds, her eyes slid shut and she was asleep. […]

A poem from the upcoming collection, Chaotic Good.

You said it as if it was fact Of course, it had to be true, you had spoken it into existence Unable to disagree, I laid in that ever present silence Reaching for words, fumbling for nouns or verbs or adjectives Ever wrapped in the inability to articulate exactly what I thought Memories of your […]

Change is inevitable. It's time to face it as an empowering force instead of something to be scared of.

This blog marks a new beginning for me and my writing career. Scrapbook of Truth (SOT) is no more and now StarLaBranche.Com is the one place on the internet to find my writing and professional work. I’m looking to make this site, bigger, better, more professional, and more polished than any site I have ever […]