Yes, I’m Shooting on an iPhone

I remember turning up to an event for WTKR with my iPhone in hand and a person I was supposed to be interviewing asked me where my equipment was. When I told her it was just me and my iPhone she was visibly disappointed. Another event I attended had a professional photographer who cradled their monstrosity of a camera while telling me iPhones are nice, but…

Here are just a few reasons why I shoot on an iPhone.

I’m new to videography and can’t afford a professional camera

Whenever someone balks at my iPhone I have to wonder, just how much money do they think I have? I took on a passing interest in videography so I immediately dropped several hundred dollars on a single-function piece of equipment? That sounds like something I would do while I was hypomanic and whatever I would do while hypomanic is generally not a good idea.

I’m not skilled enough at videography to know how to properly utilized a professional camera

Seriously. I’m using iMovie and learning how to pan correctly. There’s no point in buying a professional camera when my skills don’t match my tech. It seems like many people are really encouraging when it comes to trying new things, but when I’m carrying my iPhone and trying to shoot video, there’s often those who treat me with an air of illegitimacy.

At some point I would love to get a professional camera. But I need more experience and savings in order to do it. I also need to make sure that my interest in video is something I’m really looking to develop and not creativity phase, which I do tend to go through. So far I’ve invested very little money in my videography, and I’m okay with that. If I wake up tomorrow and decide video was fun, but just not for me, guess what? I haven’t blown hundreds of dollars on professional equipment which I can only resell at a fraction of the cost.

My iPhone 6s doesn’t do a bad job at all

Beyond the fact that I’m a beginner and also not a reckless millionaire, my iPhone is nothing to sneeze at. There have been award winning movies shot on previous versions of the iPhone. All in all, it’s not terrible quality. It’s not the absolute best either, but even if I had a professional camera, the best is debatable and whatever is top of the line today is old news in a few months anyway.

It’s strange how a lot of art forms seem very encouraging and welcoming to newcomers, even to the point of being so encouraging there’s no encouragement to improve. But show up to shoot video with an iPhone and some people become hostile and downright snooty.

Whether my interest in video is passing or not, I’m going to continue showing up with an iPhone until I’m practiced enough I can afford a professional camera, I’m able to afford one, and I know how to use the damn thing.

So yes, I’m filming on an iPhone.

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