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Header image: Journal Entry. Digital image. Flickr. Photo taken by Joel Montes de Oca. Web. 26 Feb. 2016.

Here is my new desk at home where I write.This is my home workspace. Where you can find me on most days. In this photo, I have everything I need within arm’s reach. I have my iPad charging in case I need to practice my poetry reading. I have a Hello Kitty notebook open with a pen on top if I need to brainstorm something before making it digital. I have my laptop set up with wireless mouse, where I do most of the heavy lifting. The back row of items features alcohol, my phone stand for filming video blogs, my cheese wedge candy dish, my kitty cat tape dispenser, and lots more.

Snacks are also featured. I was working on a bowl of cheesy rice at the time. To drink, I have a can of Dr Pepper and a cup of tea. I was drinking jasmine and Earl Grey that night. It definitely helped me get through class. I co-work at a tea shop. This is what my setup looks like.This is my co-working space at Discover Teas. I have my spot in the shop where I go to get my work done, drink tea, and be around other people instead of huddled in my room, alone and scared. I have my laptop with my wireless mouse and my iPad out. I was working on a handout for the Traveling Pen Series I’m doing on WordPress for Hampton Roads Writers. The tea I was drinking was Irish Mocha La Tea. And yes, Facebook was open on my computer. Because Facebook helps me concentrate.

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