Unicorn Poop: What it Really Feels like to Buy a House

Unicorn Poop: What it Really Feels like to Buy a House

Update since the last post: I decided against building a home. Not only was shopping for a lot miserable, the costs kept spiraling out of control. Suddenly, an established home wasn’t looking so bad.

I’ve been obsessively planning my home purchase for months now. Granted, my default mode is obsessive, but that’s beside the point. When I went house hunting with my REALTOR, Dana Dwyer, I figured it would be nice to look at some houses and see what was available. I had no idea I would fall in love with a beautiful home that felt so perfect.

We looked at six houses, with two being top contenders and the others either okayish or not going to work. When we stepped into the fifth house, I was taken aback by the beautiful natural light, open floor plan, and welcoming atmosphere. Bringing my eagle-eyed mother along for a second visit, I decided to put an offer in.

The offer was accepted with a brief counteroffer, and it was official. I was buying a house. The only problem is that it feels like I’m buying a unicorn. I firmly believe that once the process continues, I will be more grounded. But it really feels as if this is all a nice idea that I had one day and if someone told me the house never existed at all, I would say, “Oh, yeah. I thought something was fishy.”

It’s very surreal to know that something is happening all around you, yet feel as though you’re still in the same place. Of course, it makes sense. This is a 30 year commitment, it’s my first house, and doesn’t the world always seem a little surreal to me, anyway?

Sometimes I think it all comes down to anxiety. I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me so many times, I feel as though I’m always waiting to hit the floor. I keep telling myself that it will be okay. Even if the house does fall through for whatever reason, there will always be other houses with personality.

Until that time, though, I’ve got a unicorn to buy.

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