Change is inevitable. It's time to face it as an empowering force instead of something to be scared of.

Times Are Changing

This blog marks a new beginning for me and my writing career. Scrapbook of Truth (SOT) is no more and now StarLaBranche.Com is the one place on the internet to find my writing and professional work. I’m looking to make this site, bigger, better, more professional, and more polished than any site I have ever run. This huge move, leaving SOT behind and reinventing myself as a professional, has made me think a lot about change and how it impacts everyone in one form or another.

It would be trite to state that change is inevitable, but sometimes, we get comfortable. We get used to how things are and we forget this. Change goes from a natural state to something to be feared and reviled. If it disturbs our comfortable existence, sometimes something as small as a Facebook update makes us irate.

Often I’ve accepted change with a feeling of helplessness. I can’t stop change so I allow it to do whatever it wants to do in the world without trying to stand in its way. But then I realized that change doesn’t have to be scary or even unwanted. Change can be a good thing. A beautiful thing. A needed thing.

When I turned 30 on September 5, 2015, I began to put a lot of events, people, and happenings into perspective. My life might not have been demonstrably different from when I was 29, but I felt different. I was in an entirely new decade of my life. I was ticking different age range boxes. I was no longer a girl in my 20s, I was a woman in my 30s, and for a while I felt scared. But then I started feeling empowered.

I often don’t look at my accomplishments and productiveness as anything other than a blur of past events which are quickly forgotten in light of what I still need to accomplish. However, I’ve done a lot in my 30 years on this planet and I look forward to the next 30 years (should I get that many, you never know). Although I’m hardly perfect at this, I now look at change with empowerment.

I made it through life one way, now I can adjust to life another way. I can adapt and change right along with the world. Each change is not an assault on my comfort and peace, but a chance to rise to the occasion, learn, and grow. Not every occurrence will be good, but not every one with be bad either. Instead, it’s about facing the unknown with the confidence to take on whatever it has to offer.

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