Content notice: This chapbook deals with strong themes of sexual assault and abuse. Please read with caution.

Wide Eyes

All you have to do is access the news to be inundated with the reality of rape, sexual assault, abuse, molestation, and other horrific crimes. When so many survivors are offering up their voices to add to the conversation so the situation we currently live in can be improved, I offer my story. Writing it was incredibly therapeutic, albeit incredibly difficult. But having difficult conversations is key to changing what is happening to people everywhere.

Being able to own my past and record it in the way I did with Wide Eyes was transformative for me. For a very long time I have felt like a secondary character in my own story and being able to take control of the narrative and share what happened to me was empowering. I honestly don’t know if I will ever completely heal from these wounds or be able to look back on what has happened to me without emotion. But I am better today than I was yesterday and maybe tomorrow I’ll be a little better than that.

Text: Star LaBranche
Editing: Roderick Bates of Rat’s Ass Review
Layout: Star LaBranche

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