This is my digital chapbook, Racing Toward Red Lights. I started writing the text at the Little River Poetry Festival and finished it up when I got home. It’s a companion piece to my chapbook, Wake Me When It’s Over.

After I finished the text and had it edited by the wonderful Roderick Bates, I decided I would like to add some visuals to it. I started playing around on Indesign and managed to cobble something together. While I know it’s not professional quality, I think it’s a good first attempt at a larger digital media project and I definitely learned a lot about the software through the creation of this piece.

While Wake Me When It’s Over dealt with a lot of physical and emotional transitions, Racing Toward Red Lights deals with hard realizations about marriage, romance, circumstance, and realizing that when you transition you don’t always know where you’re transitioning to.

Racing Toward Red Lights

Text: Star LaBranche
Editing: Roderick Bates, Rat’s Ass Review
Design: Star LaBranche

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