My Brain is on Fire Podcast

My Brain is on Fire Podcast

I started a podcast on bipolar disorder in the middle of a major episode. I wanted to do 10 episodes, review a book, and a movie, and interweave it with my own story. It didn’t work out that way. But I got through 3 episodes, 2 interviews, and a handful poems before I got overwhelmed and the project fell by the wayside.

While I’m not happy with everything in this podcast, and it was my first attempt at a project this large, on my own. I feel like I should post it so my interviews don’t go to waste and I can have my first podcast attempt online.

Here are the first 3 episodes of My Brain is on Fire.

Episode 1 – Touched With Something

Episode 2 – Drunk History

Episode 3 – Tortured Genius

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project and I will do more to make sure my audio is better edited and has better sound quality in the future.

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