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Hypertextuality: The Story of Theories of Networks

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Trust me, I’m just happy to see you

It began as it always does
with the best of intentions
the least of concerns
and the complete naivety
of what was ahead.
Right from the beginning
it settled in to be a long
night, full of rhetorical
situations made out of mist
that ducked and dodged
then disappeared when
held up to the light.
Foucault hid his meaning,
but not his vocabulary,
in every sentence of a
book I might as well have
read in a different language
for all that I understood it.
But that didn’t matter,
because it never does,
not when Foucault is involved.
The linguistic lizard tongue
of a man long dead, whose
interview I found with Dutch
subtitles on YouTube,
because of course there would
be an interview with him
with Dutch subtitles on
Everything is feather-weight
shrapnel shells which have
already exploded,
but were kindly collected
and anthologized so when
someone wants to
reference the destruction
there’s a tidy catalog of
the entire sorry event.
At least it feels that way.
Because we all know
feelings are shades of
meaning, colored in doubts
which lead into yet more
conversations about exactly
what a single word means
when placed in a sentence
inside of a paragraph,
inside of a book,
inside of a genre which no one
can properly define.
The important thing is that we
all had fun.
And in the end, isn’t that
what really matters?

Table of Contexts

Because really, what is it
we’re looking at, if we don’t
know whose eyes we’re looking
at it with?

Who has the snacks?

There’s only so much one
can do without proper
nutrition and enough
sugar and caffeine to fuel
the working center of your
brain that hardly works enough
to be given the lofty title of
working center”.
And when the world ticks by inside
of tiny seconds that measure out
frustration and nonsense,
the most important question
is; where are the snacks?
Bite-sized pieces of delicious
information that seep into
the brain with such rich
sauce you need a biscuit,
so you can sop it all up.
Because it’s never hopeless
until it’s over and then
it’s not just hopeless,
it’s devastating.

February 25, 2016

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