Exactly How Many Books Have I Written?

I wasn’t sure, was the short answer. It’s not that I have written books and completely forgotten about them, something I would absolutely do. But more that qualifying what’s a book is more difficult.

For example: I’ve published 3 books. I can most definitely say that. But one of those books is a collection of poetry. Poetry that was taken my from 1,000+ poem catalog. When I wrote Into Love and Out Again all of the poems, and most of it was poetry, were separate entities in that project. So even though I’ve only released about 400-something poems in books, more than 600 remain unaccounted for.

Also, does age matter? I wrote a 30 page “book” when I was 11 or 12. It might not seem like much now, but it seemed like a Herculean effort at that age. NaNoWriMo was a key part of my life for a good 3 years, although those 50k word marathons were technically novellas. Although one time the writing became part of a longer work, so that definitely should count, but only as part of the longer work.

Leaving out unaccounted poetry, “books” I wrote before 9th grade, and short stories, which I’ve never done a collection of, here is my list, as best I can remember it.

Books I’ve written

1998 – Piper
2005 – Dreams, Dilemmas, and a Dragon Named Charles
2007 – Portrait
2008 – The Ice Princess
2009 – Genesis Rose
2013 – Scars
2015 – Into Love and Out Again
2015 – What the Fresh Hell is This
2015 – Binders Full of Men


2016 – Bad Mistakes and Good Intentions
2016 – Regnboga
2017 – Wake Me When It’s Over

My original guess on books alone was 7. So 9 is not very far off. It’s rather surreal to see that many pieces from different parts of my life laid out like that.

Granted, I will never be returning to the flaming trash heap that was Piper. Which, fair enough, I think I was 13 when I finished it. But I would like to return to Scars one day and tidy that up a bit.

All in good time.

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