Hello, undergrads! If you’re still undecided about your podcast, allow me to share with you my ideas for an awesome and fun project which will lead to not only a great grade, but personal satisfaction, new experiences, and a better appreciation for the arts.

What is the Chrysler Museum of Art?


The Chrysler Museum is an art museum featuring over 5000 objects of ancient and modern art. It has a little bit of everything so no matter what kind of art you enjoy, there will be something there to catch your eye. It also features traveling exhibits, student projects, and has a glass studio across the street. The museum is a keystone in Norfolk’s art community. It caters to not only visual artists, but also holds poetry readings and workshops which are open to anyone.

In addition to the glass studio, the Chrysler Museum also has a restaurant, Wisteria, two gardens, Mary’s Garden and Memorial Garden, and a gift shop. Admission is free and open to the public. The museum regularly hosts speeches, lectures, and book signings for artists of all styles.

Why is the museum important to Norfolk?


“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” -Oscar Wilde

In a world run by practicality and cold logic, there needs to be art to make life worth living. If you’re not an “artsy” person to begin with, this can liven your interest in the subject and introduce you to many different styles of art and expression. If you already have an appreciation for the arts, this will give you a chance to nerd out with a fellow art lover about the beauty and wonder of self expression throughout history and throughout the world.

A great city without art is not a great city. This podcast can highlight exactly why the Chrysler Museum is so important to art and why its placement in Norfolk is essential to the culture and vibrancy of the city.

What ideas do I have for the podcast?

A view of the the Ancient worlds and non-western art gallery displaying "Standing Figure in Military Dress," 1-100C.E.

I’ve been brainstorming pretty extensively about this project and have already generated a great deal of ideas. Clearly, a 20 minute podcast could not use all of these ideas, but here are some which I’ve already toyed with.

  • Taking a glass class and discuss our participation in this unique and interesting artform.
  • Interview employees of the museum for their personal stories about how the museum has impacted visitors and locals.
  • Attend events and record the excitement of who was there, what happened, how the event brought people to the museum, and why the Chrysler Museum was best suited for this event.
  • Detail a day trip to the museum and discuss what a visitor can expect to see at the museum.
  • Discuss the historical and social impact the museum has on the city as displayed through social media postings.
  •  A brief description of the museum’s history and the prominence of the Chrysler family.

Any of these ideas, a combination, or any ideas you have can be incorporated into the podcast to build a successful and interesting program.

Why work with me?

atm-rentals-2When I introduced myself the first day of class, I stated that I liked corgis. I do. I love corgis. But I also love art.

As a youth member of the Chrysler Museum I get a discount for dining, shopping, and glass classes at the museum. I’m also incredibly familiar with the museum itself and its collections. I can even find my way around the upstairs without a map.

In addition to my familiarity with and passion for the museum itself, I also know how to use Audacity and have recorded an entire audiobook using it. I’m a good teacher and if you’re not familiar with the program, I can help you learn how to use it.

I have a passion for both learning, the museum, and a growing appreciation for the  medium of podcasts. My goal is to not just make a class project, but to make something which will capture the imaginations of people everywhere. If you decide to work with me, you’re getting not only a reliable and experienced partner, but someone who genuinely loves the subject matter and will go the extra mile to ensure this project is spectacular.

If you’re interested in working with me, tweet me back and let me know.

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