The Crime of Attention

It doesn’t take long scrolling through a social media feed to see someone brand someone else an “attention whore,” tell them they’re “fishing for compliments” or something similar. Growing up, I remember how sharply the point was made that seeking attention is wrong, annoying, and a character flaw. Anyone who so much as wore a […]

Star LaBranche

Earlier this year something weird started happening to me. People started guessing my age for 5-8 years younger than I actually was. For someone who had always looked older, now people were clocking me for 24 instead of 30. The first time it happened I thought it was bizarre, but then it happened again. And again. […]

Change is inevitable. It's time to face it as an empowering force instead of something to be scared of.

This blog marks a new beginning for me and my writing career. Scrapbook of Truth (SOT) is no more and now StarLaBranche.Com is the one place on the internet to find my writing and professional work. I’m looking to make this site, bigger, better, more professional, and more polished than any site I have ever […]